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About Us

Anderland wedding venue is a picture-perfect national treasure of South Africa, boasting with a romantic English countryside atmosphere, magical gardens and a 160-year-old giant tree leading to an ‘Anderland’, all situated on the banks of the Mooi River, 13 kilometres outside of Potchefstroom. Anderland was founded in 2003 and is still owned and managed by the passionate Neil and Hanri Potgieter.


The name Anderland, which directly translates to “Other land”, originates from the Afrikaans word “Ander” which refers to the contrast this acclaimed venue has over all the other venues in Southern Africa, providing quests with a hidden gem of gothic architecture, glorious gardens and an all-round “Ander” venue experience.


Here you can experience true peace and tranquillity with a natural clear stream that flows through the exquisite gardens. The gothic chapel and monastery-like garden were inspired by the English countryside and ensure the ideal romantic venue that will make your wedding day truly memorable.

Anderland has a passion to serve people and guarantees an unparalleled personal service, not easily found elsewhere. Anderland’s creative and skilful coordinators will take care of all the preparation for your special day, including the flowers and decor, allowing you to enjoy each moment.

The garden has a variety of age-old trees, various flowers and plants and natural small rivers. This provides photographers with an endless supply of photo opportunities.

As featured in various well-known magazines, articles and the Top Billing TV-show, the calm and tranquil environment adds to the paradise feel at Anderland and this leaves guests with unforgettable memories of the wondrous celebrations within this peaceful oasis in the heart of South Africa.


Anderland, just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, also offers a cosy honeymoon suite as well as comfortable, farm-style accommodation, making it the perfect destination wedding venue. Anderland had the privilege of hosting a number of second and third family member weddings, which enforces the exceptional “Ander”-experience that guests receive. Anderland is not just a venue, but also a place where each guest is left with a lifelong impression.

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